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The vision and purpose of Crossfire School of Ministry is to equip the saints for ministry through timely, cost effective training.  We desire to raise up a mighty army of men and women who are prepared to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through vision and spiritual preparation of the heart, and training in the Word of God, its  principles and methods.


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Welcome to Crossfire School of Ministry!


When you signed up for Crossfire training, you took an important spiritual step.  You did not enroll in a program of a denomination or organization.  You enrolled in a “school of the spirit.”  It is the training of your spirit by the Holy Spirit—and that schooling never ends.


The purpose of Crossfire training is not just to provide a mountain top spiritual experience and then send you back into the valley of life to lose it.  The true test of your training will be the ability to take what you learn in Crossfire back into the valley of everyday life and ministry and use it.  The success of your experience also rests in your willingness to pass on to others what you learn. 


And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.  (II Timothy 2:2)


Where this spiritual call to harvest will take you, only God knows, but you can be assured that you do not labor alone.  You have joined a great army of laborers, dating back to the disciples of Jesus, who have heard the call and responded.  You are part of a growing network of international harvesters!


Never settle for less than the final objective.  Keep sowing and reaping, in seed time and harvest time, until every people group, every tribe, and every nation is reached with the Gospel.


Kenneth J. Fardoe


Crossfire School of Ministry



Crossfire School of Ministry is a new School and we are working hard to get this school online so students around the world can be trained.  Until we can get our school online we are accepting students in the Winnipeg and surrounding area who are able to attend our physical campus.

 If you are interested in attending then please send us an email at cfwc777@Gmail.com and we will get you started.


187 Kilbride Avenue, Winnipeg R2V 0Z7

   Email: cfwc777@gmail.com

  Phone: (204)306-5306

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 Office hours : 9:00am - 15:00 (Monday- Friday)

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