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Histor, Purpose, and Development

Crossfire Worship Centre’s School of Ministry was founded by Pastor Kenneth Fardoe and was birthed September 1 2018. Many years before the school was birthed the Lord spoke to Pastor Ken to raise up an army of Bible teachers and labourers for the end time harvest. Pastor Ken seen the need to raise up a school of ministry that wouldn’t put the students in debt hindering the effectiveness of their ministry and believes that the Lord has told him to do it for a small donation from it’s students. He also believes that the local church is responsible for raising up and training it’s people to do the work of the ministry and this is the reason Crossfire School of Ministry was raised up. This school was raised up to train the members of Crossfire Worship Centre but also to train up any believer who desires to attend this school. We pray that this school will be a blessing the body of Christ and local churches who my not have the resources to train it’s members.

In order to fulfill the mandate of this school of ministry Crossfire Worship Centre has teamed up with Harvestime International Institute. Many of the courses that you will take in this school come directly from Harvestime International and other courses are those that have been developed by Pastor Ken. We have teamed up with Harvestime International because of their vision to train up labourers for the harvest of lost souls in this world. 

Harvestime International Institute was conceived by the Holy Spirit in answer to a cry from the harvest fields of the world for materials geared for training the average layman.  The Institute is birthing a vision designed to move laymen from vision to reality.  The curriculum takes students beyond teaching to training where participation is required.  The participation to which students are challenged is that of spiritual reproduction.  Jesus final command was to reproduce spiritually (Matthew 23:19-20).


Harvestime International Institute equips students with creative Bible study skills to enable continued study of Scriptures following basic course training.  But the primary focus of Institute training is teaching what Jesus taught to move men from observation to demonstration of the power of God.

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